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Chapter 1333 – The Unstoppable Bullets dark crack
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About the position board, one other identify sprang out: Federation Suicide Squad.
For the rating table, one other identify made an appearance: Federation Suicide Squad.
“F*ck… That ultimately works…” Xia Liuchuan jumped up.

“Pfft!” Hui Haifeng spat out the mouthful water he possessed just drunk when he discovered this scenario.

“Mr. President, is Zhou Wen a natural human?”
Zhou Wen rushed into the Glowing Palace with the rotating bullet around him. The Calamity-standard bullets taken over again, but he dodged them. Prior to when the seventh taken in the following circular of bullets was fired, Zhou Wen had already hurried for the steps from the Glowing Palace.
“Go up,” Zhou Wen believed to Wei Yang.
Hui Haifeng wasn’t irritated whatsoever. He investigated them and responded to the question, “This question is very silly. Is it that Zhou Wen is not our? Isn’t he a member of the Federation? As part of the Federation, is it bad to produce efforts on the Federation?”
This scenario was a little different from right before. The critters which had tried out the ratings possessed heartbreaking consequences. Each and every passed away a lot more miserable compared to the very last. The Sacred Heart a.s.sociation plus the League of Guardians had been able jump on the search positions after the thrilling endeavor.
Wei Yang and business have been limited to the Mythical period in the end, so they really weren’t as fast as the Terror grade. They only gotten to Zhou Wen whenever the 6th bullet halo created around him.
“Awesome!” Hui Haifeng felt re-energized. He originally felt that any solitary superstar was enough, however right now they had surpa.s.sed the Holy Soul a.s.sociation along with the League of Guardians, he felt very reduced.
Wei Yang nodded at Zhou Wen before you take away from the Federation flag on his again.
Though Hui Haifeng was keeping a mass media discussion, Zhou Wen was very vexed. The six bullets kept revolving around him. Despite departing the Venusian dimensional sector, the bullets didn’t prevent assaulting him.
“What style of magical capacity does Zhou Wen have…”

“Go up,” Zhou Wen said to Wei Yang.
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Section 1333: The Unbeatable Bullets
Formerly, he obtained only been joking when he instructed Zhou Wen for taking a flag up. He never predicted Zhou Wen to truly undertake it. Nonetheless, this arena that will have created one’s blood stream pump motor with zeal and ardor felt a little bit humorous.
Everyone was made speechless when they investigated Zhou Wen, who was covered with the halo just like a true immortal. Their expression transformed abnormally odd.
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Before, on condition that he exited this online game, the bullets would naturally disappear completely. The truth is, it was obviously distinct. These bullets would not go away into very thin air.
Wei Yang and company couldn’t assist but be used aback once they saw Zhou Wen dance ahead of the actions like an immortal with bullet halos around him.
Wei Yang and company couldn’t guide but be studied aback every time they found Zhou Wen belly dancing ahead of the methods just like an immortal with bullet halos around him.
Hui Haifeng wasn’t furious whatsoever. He looked at them and resolved the question, “This question is very foolish. Can it be that Zhou Wen isn’t man? Isn’t he part of the Federation? As a member of the Federation, could it be drastically wrong for making contributions to your Federation?”
He dodged one bullet following yet another. The third certain-eliminate bullet created a halo around him all over again, nonetheless it still neglected to injured him. All people began to turn numb towards such a transform of events.
Such as, was selecting Zhou Wen to have into the search engine rankings viewed as a humiliation to the federal government? All things considered, every person understood that Zhou Wen was Luoyang’s range three shape.
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“Guaranteed positioning to the ratings? You may even give that out?”
Having said that, he failed to ascend the steps. Rather, he stopped in front of them.
Wei Yang and provider have been limited to the Mythical phase naturally, therefore they weren’t as fast as the Terror quality. They merely gotten to Zhou Wen whenever the sixth bullet halo formed around him.
“Awesome!” Hui Haifeng noticed re-energized. He originally noticed that the single celebrity was satisfactory, however they had surpa.s.sed the Sacred Nature a.s.sociation and the League of Guardians, he observed very relieved.
Wei Yang and corporation were definitely only at the Mythical point naturally, so they weren’t as fast as the Terror quality. They merely hit Zhou Wen in the event the sixth bullet halo produced around him.
“What’s he undertaking? He could have long gone up ahead of the next round’s seventh shot. Now he’s stopped, will not he need to take the absolutely sure-kill bullet out of the secondly spherical?” Although everybody was baffled, a gunshot rang out all over again.
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In the near future, the presidential palace set up a click meeting. A lot of reporters raised sharp issues on the spot.
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“What is he aiming to do? Who is he showing off to?”