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Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 525 apologise achiever
Ma Lina obtained considered that Zhao Yanzi was joking approximately, but Xie Yujia knew nicely that Zhao Yanzi was proclaiming battle together!
“Fiancée! I’m his fiancée!” Zhao Yanzi quickly refuted .
Hao Ren did not expect to have Xie Yujia to exhibit up . But over the subsequent considered, a lot of young ladies such as this location, thus it was normal on her behalf to get below .
“She’s Hao Ren’s fiancée,” Xie Yujia looked over Ma Lina and stated .
She got noticed Zhao Yanzi prior to when Xie Yujia tutored Zhao Yanzi on their dorm space, and she even just let Zhao Yanzi remain at their dorm for your night time . As a result, Ma Lina quickly known that the was Hao Ren’s ‘little cousin . ‘
“Huh…” Everyone was upset, as well as their spirits deflated just like a shattered balloon .
“How have the boarding processes go?” Xie Yujia inquired as Ma Lina set a few more obtain .
“Hao Ren, you’re also consuming below?” Xie Yujia reported in relaxing delight .
Xie Yujia was the sibling in the prior captain of the basketball workforce, Xie Wanjun! As well as the recent basketball team’s captain was Hao Ren’s roommate and Xie Yujia’s cla.s.smate, Zhao Jiayi!
It didn’t take long well before Hao Ren’s carrier was packed with random stuff . Zhao Yanzi continued to drag Hao Ren up to the food market to completely benefit from Hao Ren’s absolutely free effort . She would get every little thing she needed right now .
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
Zhao Yanzi blushed and glared at Hao Ren . “Hurry up and carry my goods upstairs!”
Zhao Yanzi was so mad that her experience changed red-colored . She desired to verify her ident.i.ty but didn’t desire to make a scene .
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Ma Lina possessed thought that Zhao Yanzi was joking approximately, but Xie Yujia recognized properly that Zhao Yanzi was proclaiming combat together!
Xie Yujia and Ma Lina who were both in miniskirts arrived with huge smiles .
It was subsequently hassle-free to get at Zhao Yanzi’s university from Eastern side Beach University…
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
The parents on the three girls in home 406 already remaining . Other two women obtained boarded well before, but Ling hadn’t . That was why the other two females experienced well organized their goods and ended up helping Ling with hers .
Hao Ren have also been a little embarra.s.sed, along with his facial area changed shiny pinkish .
Even so, Zhao Yanzi would also not back that simply nor would she accept defeat!
“Huh…” Everyone was upset, and their mood deflated such as a busted balloon .
“A pen case, a backpack, pencils, a light, slippers, a smallish fan…” Zhao Yanzi started checking the points along with her palms .
It was subsequently strange enough that he or she possessed a fiancée in midst education, but he also experienced to address these mid institution close friends of Zhao Yanzi…
Hao Ren was at a loss for terms because he imagined, “You’re informed about the place… If it weren’t personally getting you around…”
“Let’s cover!” Xie Yujia viewed Ma Lina and walked around .
“Yujia, I’m gonna get Zi to purchase some information,” Hao Ren said to Xie Yujia, operating just as if he didn’t perceive Ma Lina in any way . Then, he dragged Zhao Yanzi right out of the pizzas cafe .
Ding! Ding! Ding! The gla.s.s entrance from the dice was pushed open up again .
Hao Ren sweated and believed that Zhao Yanzi experienced overestimated him . Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang wished him to have an easy way of living, so that they didn’t give him lots of money every month . A lot of his cash was given to him by Grandma, but she is at Zhejiang now . For that reason, Hao Ren’s budget wasn’t unwanted fat .
“This will probably be fantastic!” the folks thinking .
The scholars inside the pizzas retail store, the consumers and waiters, all brightened up . These were antic.i.p.ating a great show to your detriment of Hao Ren .
Zhao Yanzi was unmoved, and she pulled Hao Ren to a seat .